MR Grade


MR grade Plywood means Moisture Resistant Plywood. In India, it is also known as Commercial grade Plywood.

The important features of MR grade Plywood are listed below.

1. It is an Interior grade Plywood, suitable for indoor use.

2. The term MR can be a bit confusing in this regard. But customers should note that ‘moisture resistant’ does not mean ‘water proof’. It only means that the the Plywood is capable of resisting humidity and moisture.

3. The most common use of MR Plywood is for making home and office furniture. Customers who want waterproof plywood for their furniture should opt for the better quality MR grade plywood, which is waterproof and made using phenolic resins. MR grade Plywood costs more than Commercial MR grade Plywood, but it is better for making furniture that is likely to get wet e.g. Kitchen cabinets.

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