BWR & BWP Grade


BWR & BWP grade Plywood is the best seller product among the other products offered by City Plywood owing to its unique bonding strength and durability.

Manufacturing Details
  • Made from uniform quality veneer, selected from hard wood species
  • Veneers are bonded with phenol formaldehyde BWR & BWP grade resin under high temperature using pre pressed technology.
  • Treated with preservatives under vacuum pressure technology to ensure protection from attack by micro organisms.
  • Specific stress receiving treatment given to check anti-warp properties which keeps it dimensionally stables in both excessive wet & dry condition through out its life.
  • Borer proof & termite proof.
  • Cabinets in Kitchen and Bathroom.
  • Ship/Bus Body Building.
  • Panelling / Partitions / Ceiling / Wardrodes / Counters.

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